eCITATION Important Notice

Due to 2015 legislative changes, Standard Charge #7 for DWLR and DWLR IMPAIRED REVOCATION will no longer be selectable effective December 1, 2015. To charge DWLR and DWLR IMPAIRED REVOCATION offenses in eCITATION, use the Search functionality on the offense screen. You can find instructions on using the Search functionality and adding the offenses to your custom charges list in the DWLR Charge Guide. A complete list of December 1 offense code changes can be found HERE.

Standard Charge #7 will be selectable with the correct offense codes in the next release of eCITATION.

Effective December 9, 2015, eCITATION Release 4.0.9 will be made mandatory, and offense codes 4419 (SPEED LESS THAN POSTED MINIMUM), 4302 (SPEED WORK ZN<80 AND <=15 OVER) and 3401 (POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA) will be enabled.

eCITATION Release 4.0.9 Available

The latest eCITATION release is 4.0.9. This release will become mandatory effective Wednesday, December 2, 2015.

For Law Enforcement

NOTE: If you are installing on a Windows 7 machine, please read and print the installation instructions to properly install eCITATION on the officer's laptops prior to starting the installation process.

eCITATION 4.0.9 Changes

The latest release of the eCITATION Officers Component is now available for download. Highlights of this new release include the following:

  1. Citation Form Changes
    The language in the Waiver Instructions section on the Defendant's copy has been modified.

  2. ALE Offenses
    The ALE standard offense list now reflects the offenses listed on the updated ALE paper citation with a 2015 revision date.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the NCAOC Help Desk at (919) 890-2407.

Installing the New Release

The eCITATION release 4.0.9 installation program may be found HERE.

If you are using Windows 7, please follow the Windows 7 Installation Instructions. The eCITATION Officer Component has been tested on Windows 7 Professional Edition. Before installing or upgrading eCITATION, be sure to read the eCITATION Admin Guide Chapter 2, Software Installation.

eCITATION General Information

eCITATION is a set of computer programs that allow law enforcement officers to create, print, and electronically transmit cite-and-release citations to the North Carolina court system. It is maintained by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) and provided to North Carolina law enforcement agencies free of charge.

The primary program is the eCITATION Law Enforcement Client and is used by law enforcement across the state to create and transmit citations. Before attempting a full installation, please verify with your agency that you have admin privileges to perform software installations.

Once the executable is downloaded, it can be run on additional computers to install or upgrade the program.

Here are links to the eCITATION manuals:


Another program available is eCITATION RMS, used by law enforcement agencies to download transmitted citation data into their internal records management systems. This saves data entry time for law enforcement staff. If interested in this program, please call the NCAOC Help Desk at (919) 890-2407 and ask for someone from the eCITATION team.

To install release 4.0.3 of eCITATION RMS, click here. There is no "upgrade" installation as there is on the officer component. This release will operate on both release 3 and release 4 citations; release 3 of eCITATION RMS will not work correctly on release 4 citations.

To install on Windows 7, download and save the installation executable on the target machine, then set its compatibility mode to "Windows XP Service Pack 3" (right-click on the executable file, select "Properties", select the "Compatibility" tab, set Windows XP SP 3 in the drop-down).

Here are links to the RMS manuals:

For help with eCITATION or for password related issues, please call the NCAOC 24 hour help desk at (919) 890-2407.

For Clerks of Court

Release 4.0 of eCITATION requires that the Clerks of Court staff enter and maintain the courtrooms and schedules of court for any court sessions that might be used by an officer for an eCITATION case. An officer can no longer enter a courtroom number that is not listed for the county, and by default he chooses a date for court and gets a list of the eCITATION courtroom sessions for that date. An advantage of this is that officers will enter fewer citations with incorrect courtrooms, court dates, and times.

Clerk of Court staff can also enter a "target maximum" number of cases to be heard for sessions of court, and eCITATION counts cases calendared for court once per day.

If a courtroom session has been cancelled, becomes full, or the officer is attempting to assign a case to a state holiday, the officer will receive a message telling him to choose another date.

eCITATION Release 4.0 User Manual

eCITATION Release 4.0 Training Videos